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Real soap for real people.

We are not a large company . This is a small family business that started as a hobby 10 years ago. We started making soap for our family,then our friends, and it just grew out of control! No one told us making soap could be so addicting!! Now we are turning that addiction into a business that can stand on it's own.

We always made candles from the time we were little so it wasn't a big step to start molding soap. After starting with melt-n-pour we thought "Why can't we make our own?" and that was it. WE WERE HOOKED! So started the obsession with cold processed soap.

We decided to use only the finest ingredients to make our soap. We learned that mixing our ingredients in small batches gave us more control of the process.This way we can insure that our soap is the highest quality.

The scents that we use in our products are top grade fragrance oils and Pure grade Essential oils. We use Lavender oil from Bulgaria, Patchouli oil from Indonesia, Lemongrass from Guatemala, and peppermint oil from the USA to name a few,because they are the best that you can get.

In our candles, we use palm wax for the pillar and votive candles, and soy wax for our container candles and melts.We like them because they are renewable products which are good for our environment. You can feel good about our products and they'll make you feel good too.

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